Hot Toys MMS 66 AVP:R – Wolf Predator (Cleaner Kit)

A realistic based 1/6th scale (approx.14 inches tall) Predator collectible model from the movie Aliens vs Predator: Requiem. This full geared Predator features a newly developed Predator body with complex skin pattern and 22 points of articulation, a fabric net body suit with detailed armor and it also comes with:

– one articulated shoulder cannons
– Rolled-up whip
– Extendable spear
– Closed Shuriken
– Retractable Wrist blades
– Wrist computer
– Syringe **
– Cannon (hand-held version) **

– Predator Mask (damaged version)**
– Corrosive liquid container**
– Skull necklace
– Neck Wrap
– Med Kit
– Cleaner case **
– Interchangeable mandibles **
– Bandolier
– Each model comes with Alien Corpse featured display base **

** newly added features
NOTE: Simple assembly required
(Release date: Q2, 2008)

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