Hot Toys MMS 112 Kamui Gaiden

Kamui Gaiden (“The Legend Of Kamui”) is the live-action film based on the 1960s manga of the same name. As outcast shinobi Kamui keeps escaping his old ninja clan, he finds himself heading toward a small Okinawa island, that will soon become the unwilling theater of a major confrontation…

This movie is directed by Yoichi Sai (Japanese Academy Awards 2005 best director winner), stars Kenichi Matsuyama (Detective L in “Death Note”), Koyuki (Tom Cruise’s love interest in the “Last Samurai”), Suzuka Ohgo (young Chiyo in “Memoirs of a Geisha”), Hideaki Ito (“Sukiyaki Western Django”), Anna Tsuchiya (“Kamikaze Girls”), and Hong Kong actor Ekin Cheng (“The Storm Warriors”).

After the fantasy masterpiece “Goemon”, the Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece series continues to bring you another historical ninja character- 1/6th scale Kamui collectible figure from the Japanese live action film – Kamui Gaiden.

The collectible figure stands approximately 30cm tall and features more than 32 points of articulation, dressed in his movie-accurate ninja outfit including ninja costume, faux-leather vest, wristlets, shin guards, pants and shoes. The accessories and weapons include:

l Shinobi Sword with sheath
l Short sword with sheath
l Two iron fists
l Two kunai knives
l Small bag
l 2 pairs of interchangeable hands
l Shells
l Authentic likeness of Kenichi Matsuyama as Kamui
l Figure stand with Kamui Gaiden movie logo and Kamui nameplate

Artist info:
l Head Sculpt by Yulli
l Head Paint by JC. Hong

© 2009 Kamui Gaiden Partners.